A question I often get asked about Spirals is ‘Is it Pilates?’ The answer is ‘no’ – but as a movement class which focuses on mobility and flexibility, it will benefit your Pilates practice.


The design of the skeletal system and the placement of the muscles on it determine the nature of the spiral-diagonal character of movements. Because muscles spiral around the bones, when they contract they naturally create a spiralling motion. This natural spiral can be observed when we walk or run – the arms swing across the body in movement, with the upper and lower body rotating in opposition when gait is normal.


In short, spiralling movements are rotational movements involving one or several muscles related to one or several joints. Spirals the class uses the fundamental spiralling movements of the body to create a workout that will leave clients feeling exercised, energised and happy. ~ Michael King



Spirals is a license-free group movement workout program set to inspiring, motivating music. Based on spiral-diagonal patterns and facilitated stretching, this energising workout incorporates choreography focusing on dynamic stretching and stability challenges.


Suitable for everybody, Spirals has been designed with flexibility and mobility in mind. By combining movement with breathing patterns, the program develops coordination and balance, while regulating cardiovascular capacity.


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