Classical ballet is based on traditional ballet technique and vocabulary. There are different styles of classical ballet that are related to their areas of origin, such as French ballet, Italian ballet, English ballet and Russian ballet. Several of the classical ballet styles are associated with specific training methods, which are typically named after their creators. For example, the Cecchetti method is named after its creator, Italian dancer Enrico Cecchetti and the Vaganova method is named after Russian ballerina Agrippina Vaganova. The Royal Academy of Dance method is a ballet technique and training system that was founded by a diverse group of ballet dancers. They merged their respective dance methods (Italian, French, Danish and Russian) to create a new style of ballet that is unique to the organization and is recognized internationally as the English style of ballet. Some examples of classical ballet productions are: Swan Lake and the Nutcracker ~ Wikipedia

At KJS Ballet Academy our adult ballet classes are designed to give you training and understanding of the ballet technique whilst giving you a pleasurable versatile type of exercise. As a foundation of all dance, ballet will lengthen and strengthen your muscles, improve breathing, body alignment and sense of well-being.


We offer energetic and carefully designed ballet classes from beginners to professional levels, for young people, individuals, couples, the retired and the elderly.


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